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Clock Servicing 
Clock Servicing 
As with all mechanical devices metal rubbing on metal causes friction and wear, clocks are no different. People assume that clocks that are working need no attention therefore they can be left sometimes many years without lubrication. 
Clock lubricants especially older organic based oils and greases deteriorate with time and eventually may dry out completely leaving the components lubricated. 
This means that the clock although still working will start to wear eventually causing it to stop ( this is when the owner may think they have over wound the clock). 
Modern lubricants of a synthetic nature seem more resilient to the higher constant temperature in modern homes therefore last a little longer , but they too need replenishing. 
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On average we recommend that clocks should be serviced every 3-4 years. This should keep them going , apart from catastrophe breakage e.g.: spring breakage, metal fatigue(in antique clocks but can happen in modern clocks) or mishandling . 
This is important to keep a newly restored or overhauled clock working correctly for many years to come. 
A clock that has just stopped due to lack of lubrication may be revived by lubricating with a good quality synthetic oil ( which will not be degraded by any remnants of old oil) may be brought back to life on a temporary basis. There is strictly no guarantee as to the length of time it may work. Hence no guarantee is given on these part jobs. 
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"Very pleased with service. My clock of great sentimental value is now back to pristine condition." 
August 22, 2016 | Brenda Poole | Wolverhampton 
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