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In this day and age where time is at a premium and full overhauls get more expensive we find ourselves offering to do more and more part job repair work. On one hand this may save the customer some expense and me some time it can prove that the cheaper option is not necessarily the best. Recently one such job proved to be a nightmare! 
This content will only be shown wheOn dismantling the clock and rectifying some faults then lubricating it the clock ran perfectly on test for a short while but soon the chiming and striking seemed to be going out of sequence. This was the start of some serious and illusive fault finding. After many hours spent on trying to resolve the problem I came to the conclusion that a full strip down and overhaul on this occasion was the only way forward. This is a perfect illustration where a part job proves more time consuming and expensive to all parties concerned.n viewing the full post. Click on this text to edit it. 
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